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Sustainable recruitment of specialists for rural regions

With our holistic concepts, you will gain specialists in the long term and thus strengthen your company and/or region.

"Doing old things in a new way - that’s innovation."

Joseph Alois Schumpeter


Glocal HR Concept GmbH is who to contact when companies or regions are unable to develop due to a lack of skilled workers.

Together with you and other regional stakeholders, we develop holistic concepts for recruiting and integrating personnel from other parts of Germany, Europe, or third countries - especially for regions far from metropolises.

If you wish to tap into new potential for skilled workers, both regionally and nationally, then we, as a company, can gladly assist you with the process. We are happy to accompany you in the implementation.

Our solutions focus on people and are customer-specific, knowledge-based, and practical.

They are primarily aimed at:

  • Companies and corporate mergers
  • Business associations
  • Offices for economic development
  • Political decision-makers

who are interested in the sustainable recruitment of skilled workers for rural regions and are willing to explore new and promising ways to achieve this.

We look forward to your inquiries and the opportunity to work together with you.


Skills shortage in rural areas

Tackling the challenge of skill shortages in rural areas can be done with the implementation of our concepts. Our services, which are focused on sustainability, practicality, and local integration, provide you with important advantages: you can attract and retain skilled workers, secure the revenues and quality of your services, and optimise your human resources.

Customised Concept

We develop a concept tailored to the possibilities and needs of your company and/or location.


We orient ourselves towards both operational requirements and the expectations of your future employees.

Sustainable Staff Recruitment

Our strategy reduces the risk of recruited skilled workers returning or moving elsewhere.

Comprehensive Municipal Development

We lay the foundations for regional revitalisation, for example, through vibrant sports clubs, cultural offerings, or active networks.

Housing and Quality of Life

We observe an increase in housing and quality of life, which minimises emigration and promotes immigration.

Sample calculation

An example illustrates your specific advantages:

Here you can see a performance comparison between our offer and classic personnel consultancies as well as recruitment agencies. Here you can see a performance comparison between our offer and classic personnel consultancies as well as recruitment agencies.

What makes us unique?

Discover what defines a collaboration with us to guarantee long-term recruitment for rural areas.